I Hate to Love Again… 

I have wanted to wake up to the chirping of birds on my roof, 
I have wanted to be raised by the alarm of the sun rays through the looking Glass on my desk, 

I have wanted to switch life upside down and make sun raise at night and moon shine in the morning. I have wanted these because you have made me to. 

When I touch you, the world changes to a mess, 

Confusion disorients the system of my brain, 

You create tension in the spinal of my brain, 

And make me forget the moment that I am. 
I wonder how you do it everyday, 

Coz the last time I saw your spine I ran crazy, 

I couldn’t stand to my toes, 

Neither could I kneel my hands raised up high, 

I almost thought I was blind. 

But now you are gone, gone never to come back, 

Where do you want me to find you? 

You left a note: “I still cherish you in my heart” 

And you never gave me the chance to rise and respond how heartily I will still miss you, 

Coz I am desperate in telling you what we didn’t do and say while you were still around. 
While the sun still rises from the east, 

So does your skin tone remains in my mind, 

The way the rains pour on land, 

Will the moments of the fights in the showers and the looking Glass flash in my head. 

Your irresistibility is hard to push, 

The kindness, smile, laughter and company, 

I can’t do away with them, 

And I will seat still… 

For the day you will shine, the moon will be the sun and day will befall nightfall. 
No one will come my way, or like smoke I will not be seen but felt, 

Like the stars, you’ll will hardly be reached, but always adored and loved, 

Unless we meet on sky. 
My loyalty today I preach you do not forsake, 

For your presence forever will remain in my heart, 

Today live to remember the long it will take, 

But never forget how sweet I would have last. 

Love is painful at best, and heartbreak is sweet at worse, affection is great at first, and breading hatred is neither my choice. You were always an angel to me, and so will remain forever as it was. Today you are beautiful to me, and your soul would remain the same. 


Thank you and expect more reads

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