Growing up in a family where books were a daily topic of discussion drew my attention into falling a victim of Shakespeare’s stories. I was well equipped and surrounded by novels of diverse specifics starting from “The Animal Farm” to Peter Robinson’s “Caedmon’s Song”, to Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s “Decolonising The Mind”.

My social life was too limited and whenever friends came over to our house, I desperately felt the odd one out which over time, I became used to. Video and computer games were not part of my diary and so I didn’t have something so common to drag myself alongside my hood mates. Not that my parents never had the money or didn’t want me to be involved in growing my head to wasting time: Their support in filling my cabinet with books across the score was to the maximum and I appreciated the fact that they quickly learnt what my interest were leaning to.

But time waits for no man. I give myself thumbs up because I never wasted my childhood moments. I’m identifying my potentials from the reasoning I adapted from

Bibliographies I interacted myself with. Yes, I’m old fashioned, Yes, I did not put on fancy clothes when young or visited the beach with my parents on holidays, Yes, I don’t like hanging out so much but I’m not an introvert, and Yes, I lose friends so quickly. 
In his book, “Detained” Ngugi mentions the “Guilty of the sin of Omission” in reference to the freedom of the press. In my humble opinion, his forethought is now purely reflected by the rotten lifestyles the youth of the current age are practicing. 

With the emerging social issues (forget the age of Video games because nowadays it’s for old Men), the picture of culture, relationship, creativity and ability to learn is limited. Consider this: it’s hard to get new books for sell in the market,  and if there are any, content is repeated and ideas are predictable. What about social arenas? When it came to existence, a few people knew how to play about the title of the sites and honourably socialized. Today, I regret explaining or sharing what I see on this platforms. Moral is degraded. 

Some few days ago, I had a phone conversation with one of the editors in a media house. Surprisingly, it was our first conversation but what transpired from our conversation looked like we had been friends forever. We started with reasons as to why there’s no more creativity in the industry of life and inventions under the youth context. However, she was good at suggesting ideas and I loved that she had plans in place to illuminate the discontentment by the youth. In addition, she responded on how employment is based on what type of social media “activists” one is and I regretted my lady friends on instagram and the boys in the gym knew about this. I wished I could reach out to them and tell them that someone somewhere is watching.

Besides, we discussed of some ideas involving what drains the youth from this perspective of success. When I joined University, I was a shy, innocent boy. I feared to interact with ladies from my class because I didn’t feel like I could fit in their “scorecards”. I generally had a low self esteem. But I wasn’t that dumb either, my knowledge and brilliance allowed me to figure out who was real and who faked realities. 
Some ladies actually came from the city and sounded humble, most came from upcountry and wanted to outshine those from the city and tried hard to adapt the new form of life leading to nasty habits one cannot try to imagine. Yet again I ask, is there a ransom paid to be real? Or how much does it cost to be yourself? 

It is oblivious for people to think their histories can be washed away even when you start a new page in life, someone somewhere will always give a reflection of the past to paint the reality of this moment. 

Today marks six months since I read, “Help! My Chocolate is Melting” by Wale Akinyemi, and I put this book unto those who are in the situation of dilemmas and dissatisfaction. All of us need need help but we don’t want to ask for it. We prefer suffering with our problems and at the end we end up blaming ourselves. Preferably, it’s important to share this challenges when time is still now. 

The reality will remain to be, the war never ends unless you die, you never beat the odds unless you give up, and we will never be equal, because no strengths have ever been measured the same. It is our minds that we fool I the picture of the society if we think we are playing genius. It is our abilities and strengths that are at risk, if we don’t want to share what is in us. It is time we stop pretending and rise from our imaginations. Put on the Right Skin.