Maybe He was obsessed with Christian Grey’s tactics… or

maybe because my name was Ann……he thought I’d make a good Anna

maybe submission was his thing….

that night he took me to bed and kissed me like tomorrow wasn’t ours

in between the heat and sweat and gasps..he ruined the moment with a choke

yes…thats right… he chocked me….for I minute there my world went dark

when I literally started seeing stars… I thought I was gonna die

maybe it was made to be fifty shades darker…. no pun intended

but that was outrightly fifty shades of scary
For the entire night..i was his puppet..

see ..I had watched this kinda movies and I knew this is not how it was done

and then there was the candle wax moment

every drip of wax on my back sent this hot pain throughout my body

I cried…… yea..I wanted him to…

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