Coming tomorrow is what happens next,
Two ladies in the house, one is my wife and the other my side chiq. But something happens and someone just fell off the stairs. Find out how and why and what I’m going to do to reinstate peace in my house. Don’t miss out, but first, you have to read this piece….its gonna be amazing my friends….


I’m standing here, wishing to a higher power that I had not heard those words uttered in the room I am in. I send a silent prayer to whoever is listening. I need the ringing in my ears to stop. My sight blurs. Did this piece just say she is pregnant? That she has my man’s baby inside her? 

“Show me proof,” I say to her with as much calmness as I can muster. She laughs. Not because I am funny. I mean… Yes I am, but I wasn’t trying to be two seconds ago. She releases another laugh, maybe a snort. 

No. I need to stop trying to insult the carrier of his child. Because that is all she is. She is just carrying his baby. 

“In the bedroom. The master.” She says as if I was to think they were to perform the forbidden acts in my kitchen…

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