Hi there. It’s been a while since we spoke. But don’t blame it on me, because you should have texted or called when I missed you. Yes, I do still miss you, very much, despite the last letter you wrote me. I trust you did that out of anger, out of that demonic spirit that possess you to unbearable Heights when you remember how you love me. Recently, I have been going out for dates and dinner parties. Damn!! They look so dry and boring. You wanna know why? I what was used to going out with you, whenever an event came either my way or yours. We would make sure to dance and spend the moment to the best of it, and later, wait until late at night so that we could count the existing stars even in cloudy nights, and play games when it rained on us. I had made you my choice of every dinner guest I would want to invite for every gathering we had. I miss those moments Julia. Today, I stand alone, dressed in casual trousers and jackets, hoping to drink myself away because I don’t have anything to count on without you. My nights are short, sometimes long. Especially when I look at your image on the dialler, which reminds me of the nights we used to talk on phone until dawn. You had made me an active thinker and every time I thought of making you a call, I always rehearsed on what to say. I believed you deserved the best words and types of conversations ever. The destiny of retaining your sweet smile never faded in my heart. There’s nothing I loved and enjoyed most like listening to your unbearable joy, love, smiles, kisses and sighs on the phone. I wish those moments would still exist. Since you left, Sundays have only been my best, shinny and sunny days for me. May be because I get consolation from God, or, I’m not certain whether it counts: we join together as a family. But do you think this constitutes a perfect day for me? What are six days of the week without a say from you? Like do you even think I know which day of the week we are today? NO! You are the missing ingredient in my calendar, the missing day of the week in my life. I know I’ve got a lot of things to tell you, which I should have done. I’m tired of singing to myself. I need you to come and play the strings for me, I need to learn how to play the keys Julia. You’ve made me beg so much when it would have been so simple for you to just say “Yes”. I’m not singing anymore, but right now, I’m standing before the mirror in the washroom, and all I see is you besides me. Come rescue my soul for you deserve me and I deserve you. Come wipe away the tears and sorrows on my eyes with your kisses, and wash my face with smiles of love. I miss you Julia.