I’m a guy, seated under the shade of a scotching sun

Fantasizing of the days that I would ride on my dreams

When life would soon accept my desires and fumes

Even with the tortures of hope and faith

I stand strong in chains and actions


The sweet, juicy, spicy, life

That panks and ponks live uphill

Where once I thought I’d live

But the banks got my accounts freezed

And sent me screaming in the streets


My actions I’ll never regret

Even with concussions for me to forget

It is the soil that we all came from

And like Jesus we will never disappear in fog

As its evening and I’ll be needed home


When the day will finally come

That I’ll lay my hands on my successes

And remember the dream under the tree

When I was close to see the princess

Then I’ll know, everything is real


Yes, everything is real

If truth is what I’ll obey

And righteousness is all I’ll follow

To achieve my perfect dream

I’ll need trust and submission.